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Scott McGlynn
Itinerary by: Scott McGlynn
a year ago
Duration: 2 days

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a well known tourist destination. From the indomitable castle in the city centre to food and drink options from all corners of the globe, it has something for everyone! Having been born and raised in Scotland's capital, I've compiled this two day itinerary for those looking to see the best that the city has to offer plus some hidden gems that will have you itching to return! (Photo Credit: Adam Wilson, unsplash.com)

Day 1

The Best of Edinburgh

Day one sees you start in the heart of the city at Edinburgh Castle to give you a true taste of the capital. Some rest and recuperation is offered with a trip to the calm and lesser-visited Dean Village while you enjoy some lunch by the Water of Leith. Then it's back to the hub of the city to climb the Scott Monument and admire the stunning vistas from Calton Hill before exploring the Old Town and its warren of alleyways and courtyards!
09:00 - 12:00
Edinburgh Castle
Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1, UK
Towering over Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle is the most popular tourist attraction in Scotland which makes it the ideal first stop on our two day itinerary! Sitting atop an extinct volcano, the castle, as we know it now, was constructed in the early 12th century. For decades, the castle was a site of conflict between Scotland and England with it said 'he who held Edinburgh Castle held control over Scotland'. Thankfully we now live in quieter times and the castle now attracts over 1 million visitors per year and gives a fascinating insight into Edinburgh and Scottish history. Home to the Scottish Crown Jewels and the Scottish War Memorial the castle should be the top of everyone's list when visiting Edinburgh. It also has the added attraction of offering stunning views over the city and beyond. Being a popular attraction, be prepared for crowds and try to book your tickets in advance online! (Photo Credit: Kate Bielinski, unsplash.com)
Article By: Scott McGlynn
Standard 19.50 GBP
Kids 11.50 GBP Under 15
Seniors 16.00 GBP

13:00 - 14:00
The Dean Village
Dean Path, Edinburgh EH4 3AY, UK
Although only a short walk from Edinburgh's bustling West End, the Dean Village is a calm and quiet oasis for those who decide to visit. Located next to the Water of Leith, the Dean Village was once home to a number of industrial mills but is now a residential hub offering scenic views and it's a great spot to sit and relax having grabbed a coffee or sandwich en route from Edinburgh Castle. Wander around the cobbled streets and see if you can spot a Heron feeding in the river. You can also join the Water of Leith Walkway here that stretches from Currie in the south west of Edinburgh all the way to Leith in the north east. The Dean Village offers some wonderful photo opportunities and has become a popular spot for Instagrammers in recent years! (Photo Credit: Clark Van Der Beken, unsplash.com)
Article By: Scott McGlynn


Grab a take away coffee or lunch at the West End to enjoy next to the Water of Leith river in the Dean Village.

Getting there

The Dean Village is a leisurely stroll from Edinburgh Castle through Edinburgh's West End.

Travel time
0 hours 20 minutes
15:00 - 16:00
The Scott Monument
Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2EJ, UK
Arriving in Edinburgh, you can’t fail to spot the tall black spire that towers above Princes Street next to Waverley Station. Standing over 200ft tall, the Scott Monument is named after Sir Walter Scott and is the tallest monument in the world dedicated to a writer. Visitors can ascend the 288 steps to the top of the monument to enjoy stunning views over Princes Street and the Old Town. Victorian Gothic in design, the monument also contains a Museum Room highlighting the history of the monument and Sir Walter Scott. Be aware, the steps are narrow and spiral so may not be suitable for everyone. For those who do reach the top, it's well worth the effort! (Photo Credit: Adam Wilson, unsplash.com)
Article By: Scott McGlynn
Standard 8.00 GBP
Students 6.00 GBP
Kids 6.00 GBP Under 16
Seniors 6.00 GBP

Getting there

Located on Princes Street, the Scott Monument is an easy walk from the Dean Village through Edinburgh's New Town.

Travel time
0 hours 30 minutes
17:00 - 18:00
Calton Hill
Calton Hill, Edinburgh EH7 5AA, UK
'Of all places for a view, this Calton Hill is perhaps the best' - Robert Louis Stevenson Situated at the east end of Princes Street, Calton Hill offers sweeping panoramic views of Scotland’s capital. To the north you can view the Kingdom of Fife, west gives you fantastic views over Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle while to the south the impressive bulk of Arthur's Seat looms large. The hill is also home to the Scottish National Monument which appears similar to the Parthenon in Athens. Unlike the Parthenon however, the Monument was never completed and at the time was called Scotland's 'disgrace'. The walk to the summit does contain stairs and uphill paths but should offer no problem to those with average fitness. The reward far outweighs any effort! (Photo Credit: Lāsma Artmane, unsplash.com)
Article By: Scott McGlynn

Getting there

Calton Hill is a short walk from Princes Street with some stairs and an uphill path to get to the top.

Travel time
0 hours 15 minutes
19:00 - 23:00
Edinburgh's Old Town
109 The Royal Mile Edinburgh EH1 1SG Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 1SG, UK
A Unesco Heritage Site, Edinburgh's Old Town is a throwback to a time gone by with its cobbled streets and gothic architecture. A maze of alleyways work their way between buildings revealing courtyards and hidden gems. The main thoroughfare of the Old Town is the Royal Mile that runs between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. It's lined with a number of cafes, bars, restaurants and souvenir shops and is the main tourist hub of the city. A hive of activity in the evening, the Old Town is a great place to enjoy some food and then have a drink - perhaps in the Grassmarket area that has a number of establishments, with many providing live bands and music. (Photo Credit: Jillian Kim, unsplash.com)
Article By: Scott McGlynn

Travel time
0 hours 15 minutes

Day 2

Hooray for Holyrood!

Day two of the itinerary sees you blow away the cobwebs with an exhilarating walk up a extinct volcano before exploring the home of Scottish politics. A short stroll will then take you to the largest museum in Scotland before ending your day in a hidden gem of Edinburgh's social scene.
09:00 - 11:00
Arthur's Seat
Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh EH8 8AZ, UK
Arthur's Seat is the remnants of an extinct volcano and now stands at 251 metres high, imposing itself over Holyrood Park and is the perfect spot to kick-off your day two itinerary. Iconic in Edinburgh, it offers stunning views over the city plus vistas over the Pentland Hills and Forth Bridges to the west, Fife to the north and east towards North Berwick. There are a number of routes to the summit from Holyrood Park, with the most popular one also taking in the impressive Salisbury Crags. Whatever route you take, please take due consideration to your safety. All routes up Arthur's Seat and the summit itself offers endless photo opportunities - you will see why it's a popular attraction for those visiting Edinburgh! (Photo Credit: Pascale Amez, unsplash.com)
Article By: Scott McGlynn

Getting there

Arthur's Seat is a steep climb from Holyrood Park but is well worth the effort with stunning views from the top in all directions.

Travel time
0 hours 30 minutes
12:00 - 14:00
The Scottish Parliament
Edinburgh EH99 1SP, UK
Scotland regained parliamentary powers in 1999 but it was not until 2004 that the Scottish Parliament Building was finally completed after a turbulent construction phase. Situated at the bottom of the Royal Mile it is now home to a purpose-built parliamentary complex that includes the Parliament Chamber itself. Designed by the Spanish architect Enric Miralles, the building style divided opinion but it has now become a well-loved hub for Scottish politics. Free guided tours are offered daily for visitors and it is well worth taking the time to visit this historic building and gain an insight into Scotland's political past, present and future! (Photo Credit: Chris Flexen, unsplash.com)
Article By: Scott McGlynn

Getting there

Located next to Holyrood Park, the Parliament is easily accessible from Arthur's Seat or the Old Town.

Travel time
0 hours 30 minutes
15:00 - 17:00
National Museum of Scotland
Chambers St, Edinburgh EH1 1JF, UK
Situated just off the Royal Mile, the National Museum of Scotland is a fascinating and informative place for people of all ages to explore. The museum is home to a number of diverse collections that take you on a journey of discovery through the history of Scotland and the world of art, design, nature and science and technology. In 2011 the museum was extended and it is now spread over 7 floors with a number of shops and cafes. Entrance is free although some specific exhibitions may incur a fee. It's a great spot to kill a few hours if the weather is wet...it has been known to rain in Edinburgh! (Photo Credit: Mat Reding, unsplash.com)
Article By: Scott McGlynn

Getting there

The Museum is a short walk up the Royal Mile from The Scottish Parliament.

Travel time
0 hours 15 minutes
18:00 - 22:00
The Shore, Edinburgh
Shore, Leith, Edinburgh EH6, UK
Historically Edinburgh's port district, Leith is now an upcoming, multicultural, residential area in the northeast of Edinburgh. Easily accessible from the city centre by foot or public transport, Leith is a fantastic spot for bars, restaurants and cafes. One specific spot that is lesser known is the 'Shore', located near the Ocean Terminal shopping centre. Home to a number of award-winning food establishments and popular bars, it's located next to the Water of Leith river. It's a fantastic spot to spend a summer evening and a fitting way to end your two day trip to Edinburgh. (Photo Credit: Rayan de Zeeuw, unsplash.com)
Article By: Scott McGlynn

Getting there

The quickest and easiest way to get to the Shore is by number 22 bus from Princes Street - Headed to Ocean Terminal.

Travel time
0 hours 20 minutes
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