About MapADay

What is MapADay?

  • MapADay is a platform to help users Find, Create and Share itineraries - such as travel itineraries for city breaks, vacations, adventures, or event itineraries
  • MapADay supports single day and multi-day itineraries
  • Itineraries can be shared publicly or just with friends, or kept private just for you
  • Anyone can create content on MapADay. To keep standards high, all content is moderated before it is published
  • You can use MapADay to share your favourite travels with friends, or you can use it for promotion - if you are a tour guide or tour operator
  • You can think of MapADay as a Content Management System (CMS) for itineraries

Why Was MapADay Built?

  • We decided to build MapADay to improve on the trip planning challenges we continuously faced when planning weekend trips and vacations
  • We found that there were many great trip itineraries published by travel-bloggers and enthusiasts today on the internet - but they are published in a variety of styles on generic platforms - such as WordPress, across literally thousands of independent blog sites
  • Our goal is to give the user a more consistent experience - and build a library of great user content for travel inspiration - all in one place that you can trust

Why Should I Use MapADay?

  • For users searching for travel itineraries for inspiration - MapADay provides great user-generated content, in one place that you can trust
  • For travel bloggers, content creators and tour promotors, MapADay has been heavily optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to help your content maximise its ranking in Google
  • MapADay is free to use - just sign up today!

Who Built MapADay?

  • MapADay.com is an initiative started by Dan Hill and Serafima Paluika
  • Application Engineering: Dan Hill (CTO)
  • Community Relationship & Content Management: Dan Hill
  • Operations and Finance: Serafima Palulika (COO & CFO)
  • A special thanks to: Josie Dinwoodie and Matt Lynch for early stage content and some great travel writing!

Dan Hill and Serafima Paluika are joint founding partners of Peak Cadence ApS - a Copenhagen based boutique consultancy specialising in project and programme management, together with software development. Contact us if you'd like to discuss how we can help your business.

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