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An organic way to grow your customer base
  • Increase traffic from existing and potential customers.
  • A free, easy, and cost-effective way to market your business.
  • Attract new customers with zero expense. It's FREE!
  • Stand out with one-of-a-kind itineraries.
  • Drive website traffic and sales organically.
  • Rank highly in relevant Google searches with MapADay's built-in SEO.
Destination marketing
Why MapADay?
  • Organically increase your businesses exposure when prospective customers research places of interest and things to do.
  • Google searches such as "A week in the Faroe Islands", "3 days in London", or "What to do in San Francisco" are common, and MapADay can help your business receive exposure.
  • Typical Google searches send users to travel blogs, online travel publications or featured news site articles. Advertising on these sites is costly.
  • Marketing that drives customers to your website is expensive, and MapADay is FREE.
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MapADay makes destination marketing easy and FREE
  • Unique and robust online content that attracts customers organically.
  • Greater Google search visibility when potential customers plan their trips online.
  • Bespoke, unique, and informative travel itineraries highlighting your business.
  • Itineraries and firsthand information add value to your business.
  • People love reading stories and familiarizing themselves with destinations in advance.
  • MapADay is a robust platform comprised of photos, interactive maps, prices, firsthand experiences, and relevant links which promote your business.
  • MapADay puts the power of story-based marketing directly into your hands – bypassing influencers and other media.
Digital marketing results
MapADay is completely FREE
  • MapADay is a cost-effective marketing tool - it's free and easy to use!
  • Craft exciting travel itineraries highlighting your business.
  • MapADay publishes articles immediately to Google search (this can take a little time for Google to index and rank).
  • MapADay features itineraries on our social media platforms.
  • MapADay features itineraries on our social media platforms.
  • Share your itinerary publicly or privately.
  • MapADay has built-in sharing capabilities - directly to your website, Facebook page, Twitter or Pinterest feeds.
Destination marketing
What makes MapADay so effective?
  • MapADay's technical platform meets the standards vetted by Google's ranking engine.
  • MapADay is heavily SEO optimized.
  • MapADay's site layout is simple and easy to use for travellers researching their destination.
  • There is no fee to open an account, create content, or promote your business.
  • Content created is designed to be shared for promotion by you and your customers.
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Can I get help creating an itinerary on MapADay?
  • MapADay is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Business owners are in a great position to promote their business using the FREE MapADay platform.
  • Please contact us directly if you need additional help creating a bespoke travel itinerary that includes your business.
  • We can provide experienced content writers to help you craft your MapADay page, including writing text, sourcing photos, and sharing online.
  • Contact MapADay Customer Support for further assistance or ask for a bespoke itinerary quote if you would like a content writer to assist you.
  • We listen to your needs and can provide cost-effective writing assistance if needed.
Destination marketing
How do I promote my business with MapADay?
  1. Register an account on MapADay
  2. Login to MapADay
  3. Once logged in, look for the 'Create' drop-down menu at the top of the screen (if viewing using a computer). Choose 'Create Place' and add your business as a new "Place". Be sure to fill in all the fields and your website and links to any social media pages you maintain - for additional promotion.
  4. Add all the places your customers will find interesting while at your destination. Examples might be neighbouring restaurants, museums, cultural landmarks, parks or beaches. (Don't forget to check if the places already exist in MapADay!)
  5. From the Create menu, create a new Itinerary. Add and sequence all the places in your itinerary and add an introductory text and title to attract potential customers and other online users to your page.
Digital marketing results
Top Tips for creating high ranking marketing material with MapADay
  • As well as discovering your travel itineraries directly within MapADay itself, many users find MapADay travel itineraries via Google searches.
  • Google prioritises content in its search results that is original, informative and relevant. The more effort that you put into making your MapADay itinerary interesting and relevant, the greater chance you will have of ranking highly within Google search.
  • This means that if you want your marketing to rank well, then you need to research your competition well! More imporantly, think about what your customers will want to read.
  • Never copy and paste, plagiarise or loosely re-word other online material - this will result in down-ranking. Always aim to produce something better than what already exists.
  • Try to use original photos, or photos that you have permission to use. Examples of possible photo sources are Unsplash or Pixabay.
  • When you have finished creating your itinerary, and once we have reviewed and published it - we recommend that you share your itinerary as widely as possible - including social media, traditional media and newsletters.
  • We will publish your content to Google search immediately. You will need to be patient - Google updates its search engine results on an on-going basis.
  • An investment in time up-front can pay many dividends well into the future.
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