Breakfast at Felfela cafe

Lulu Kordi
Article By: Lulu Kordi
4 years ago
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We walked from our hotel in Tahrir Square to Felfela again for a traditional Egyptian breakfast: Foul (fava beans stew with olive oil and/or tahini and/or salad) and Taameya (Egyptian Falafel). We also had Eggs with Pastrami and some salads. The restaurant is open till midnight and they serve lunch and dinner as well -Egyptian specialties-. The atmosphere was fresh and calm. *They serve beer for lunch and dinner. The place opens as early as 7.00 am. We were there at 7.30 am. And it was super cool to walk in down the streets that early in the morning with air that was still fresh. Note 1: Foul & Taameya – Kochary – Bessara – Lentil soup – Baba Ghanough – Hummus – often times Stuffed Vine Leaves are among many Egyptian dishes that are suitable to: vegetarian – vegan – dairy free and gluten free diets (Kochary has wheat pasta). And as a bonus, they are usually very budget-friendly. Note 2: Egyptian bread (eish baladi) is an amazing whole wheat bread that tastes amazing especially when hot and freshly baked. It’s a great companion to all the amazing and colorful dips you will find around Cairo restaurants and it works great as a sandwich pocket. Once we were done, and on our way to the Egyptian Museum, we decided to stop at the historical Groppi café in Soliman Pasha square for an espresso and baklava. We started our day fully re-charged. Then we continued our stroll to the Egyptian Museum on the other side from Tahrir Square (the main square of Cairo), always admiring the calm of the streets and the sense of peace that otherwise is impossible to find in Cairo. We enjoyed stared at the beauty of the old buildings that were telling us the story of a past they lived.
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  • 15 Hoda Shaarawy, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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