The Pharaonic Village (3 hours + 1 hour for lunch)

Lulu Kordi
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4 years ago
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The tour took us 3 hours, it may last less or more depending on what you'd like to do there. The Pharaonic village in Giza is great for a living experience about how the Ancient Egyptians performed their daily tasks and how they lived. We took a boat tour with a guide and an audio guide (during the boat trip only). We sailed in the middle of a very calm part of Nile River where we stopped frequently (remaining inside the boat) and saw replicas of some statues and listened to the explanation about them and what they represented. We also watched some lively scenes from the ancient life for example how they planted their food, how they created papyrus, how they were fishing in the Nile, how they manufactured glass and perfume, how the rich and the poor lived and the Moses scenes. Then the boat docked at an island and we started with a visit to a replica from Karnak Temple (copying the original colors that now you can no more find in the original temple), the house of the noble and the house of the peasant, etc It was really informative and the live scenes gave a great idea to imagine how life once was. It was a great hit with our little tourist. And then, we stopped to see an amazing replica of TUTANKHAMON tomb in the same state it was originally discovered in early 1900 and it left us in awe! Today, all the treasures that were found inside the tomb when Sir Howard Carter discovered it are displayed in the 2nd floor of the Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Tahrir square. There are also some informative mini museums displaying different eras from Egyptian history (Ancient Egyptian to Recent History). The tour starts with a small boat stopping in front of living scenes performed by artists who replay the ancient life with an explanation to each scene (you can choose your preferred language, check their website for updates). - open till 7 PM till October 31st.
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  • 3 Al Bahr Al Aazam, Oula, Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt
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