Giza Pyramids (3 hours)

Lulu Kordi
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4 years ago
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Once we arrived at the Pyramids, we left our Uber driver. It’s finally time to witness this marvel at a very close distance - one of the old world 7 wonders and a UNESCO world heritage site. The Giza Pyramids stand 13km from Cairo’s city center. You can actually see them from many parts of the city (hotel balcony if your hotel is on the Nile, from the Citadel or from Mokattam hill). The Great Pyramid of Giza is a work of wonder: it belongs to King Khnum Khufu (Cheops as the Greeks called him). The way it was planned remains an undiscovered mystery that hides an advanced knowledge of engineering, science and astrology. The most colossal building ever erected on earth, the Khufu pyramid is the largest of the three famous pyramids of Giza Plateau; it measures 230 meters at the base of each side and its original height was approx. 147 meters. We ventured inside the pyramid to reach the big chamber. Beware though: the way to the chamber is through a narrow tunnel that’s 30 meters long and you walk them bent and squatted. If one is not fit enough, the legs and back cramps afterwards will last for a while. The chamber is empty and a bit humid, yet, for those who are into spirituality, it’s believed to contain great energy sources and spiritual meanings (Extra ticket - ask at entry of the plateau). Three pyramids, the Great Sphinx, minor tombs, a workers’ village and several ancient cemeteries make up the archaeological site on the Giza plateau. Don’t pay attention to the people trying to sell you stuff or services, at least always negotiate, a lot! *I just read that at the reopening after COVID-19 is over, those sellers and horses/camels owners will be all regulated and offering fixed prices set by the government. For an off-the-beaten-path experience check the Solar Boat museum for a live learning experience (account for an extra 30 minutes) : therein displayed we saw the cedar wood boat that was discovered in 1954. Then, it was time for Sphinx and photos.
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  • Al Haram, Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt
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