Moez St + Khan Khalili & Lunch (5 hours)

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a year ago
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We then went to the nearby Moez street before the main sites close (5 PM). We went to see the highlights: Qalawoun complex (mosque, school and hospital) / Al Sultan barquq mosque / Bayt Al Suhaymy and Hammam. Other Medieval art gems from the Islamic era in Egypt can be admired along the street. Each of them features genius architecture styles and solutions through a wide array of different art masterpieces. Impressions from the diversified cultures that once lived in Egypt can be clearly noticed in columns, wood works, tiles, glass art, etc. If it were possible we would have spent one full day there. But, this time we wanted to cover the itinerary places as planned. We also went to see the old water reservoir as recommended by our tour guide. Skip the later if you tend to be claustrophobic: it’s a big place built underground with many stairs down and the only source of light is the torch light. Also Moez st. very beautiful when lit at night, however the main sites, except for some mosques, will be closed. From Moez st, we walked for 5 minutes back to Khan-el-Khalili bazar, one of the oldest open markets in the Middle East, and probably in the world, that is still functioning to date Now it’s time for Khan-El-Khalili bazaar and a nice stroll among the historic shops and building. Make your souvenirs shopping and enjoy a LOT of bargaining with the sellers,or just window shopping admiring the Egyptian art crafts. Recommended souvenirs: Struck iron- lightings, small lamps to big chandeliers / alabaster stone decorative item or candle holders. Brass items artworks, leather, clothing, scarves, jewelry and light memorabilia are available at all price ranges and qualities. Both iron and alabaster lighting items produce beautiful reflections in your room and make for perfect gifts. Finally, we stopped by Al Fishawy cafe. The most historical cafe in the area, dating back to 200 years ago. It was very crowded and we shared the table with other people but the experience was fun and the prices were moderate.
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  • Al-Mashhad Al-Hussaini شارع المشهد الحسين، شارع Hasan El-Adawy, امتداد، El Gamaliya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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