Sakkara Pyramid Complex (2.5 hours)

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Article By: Lulu Kordi
a year ago
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Leave the hotel at 7.30 – We chose fall time because fall and spring are the best time to enjoy Cairo (and prices are better too!) Although the Giza Pyramids plateau is more famous and it’s for a valid reason, we started our tour with Sakkara Pyramid Complex. The perfect way to witness the first attempts that preceded the mystical Giza Pyramids is by watching the stepped pyramid of King Zoser – A UNESCO World Heritage Site. *Great news: the Pyramid of Sakkara was restored and inaugurated last March, after 14 years of hard restoration works inside – It’s now open for visits, with a special ticket* - We cannot wait to visit it! We bought the tickets that allowed us to enter Unas Pyramid, another Pyramid + 3 tombs – there are various packages to choose from. The horse or camel ride there is also a pleasant experience and with lesser crowd, their prices are now fixed by low –no hassle. The open tombs are worth a quick visit. Before leaving the complex, we stopped by Imhotep museum (the genius behind Sakkara) for some of the world’s “very firsts” marvels from the ancient world. And because we love carpets, we stopped by one of the carpets school in Giza, were unique carpets are woven by locals young hands. They are on the road to/from Sakkara and you can easily spot them. Boy! Weren’t they magnificent!!! If you love carpets as much as we do, stop there and watch how a carpet is created and learn how long does it take to make one. If you fall in love with one carpet; you can buy it and they can ship it to you. Skip this stop if you are not interested. *Tip: have the same Uber driver wait for you during the whole time: so worth it!
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  • Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt
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    Standard 180.00 - 250.00 EGP
    Students 90.00 EGP
    Kids 0.00 EGP Under 6
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    Physical 5
    Culture 5
    Fun 3
    Education 5
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    Family friendly
    Tourist must-do

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