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The Scillonian III is the main passenger and cargo ship sailing between Penzance on the UK mainland, and The Isles of Scilly, located to the south west of Lands End. The ship lands at Hugh Town on St. Mary's in the Isles of Scilly. The service runs between Easter and November from Monday to Saturday. There are additional on Sundays during the summer. The crossing time is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. Pets can accompany passengers, but an additional fee must be paid at the time tickets are purchased. Check in to the boat is required 1 hour before scheduled departure. As a passenger, this feels a little excessive, as it means that you're on the boat for nearly 4 hours per crossing. However, on board you'll find a counter serving drinks and snacks. During Covid times, alcohol is not being served. To find the boat and the Ferry Terminal, head to the harbour wall at the far side of Penzance Harbour, past the Dry Dock, and next to the Scillonian III ticket office. You won't be able to miss the large white boat, as it's the only passenger ferry sailing from Penzance harbour. The check-in offices are currently located on the pier of the Ferry Terminal itself. The advantage of turning up a little earlier is that you have greater choice over where to sit on the boat. It the weather is fair, and the temperature not too cold, you can sit on deck to the rear of the boat. Otherwise, there is plenty of seating inside the boat, and an additional level down below. Top tip: If you want views of the mainland and St. Mary's (recommended), sit on the right hand side of the boat (when facing the front of the ship). On return to the mainland, you'll be wanting to sit on the left hand side of the ship. The views are absolutely worth seeing from the boat. Along the coast of the mainland between Penzance and Lands End, passengers are treated to a view of the cliffs, villages and coves. On my trip, we even saw a pod of dolphins jumping out of the water between the boat and the mainland. There are one or two lighthouses out to see along the journey, too. Upon arrival at the Isles of Scilly, you'll also want to enjoy the views of the islands as you sail in. A pair of binoculars or a camera with a telephoto lens will allow you to enjoy the view even more. The crossing between Penzance and the isle of St. Mary's encounters some strong currents - particularly around the area of Lands End. To combat sea-sickness among passengers, the boat design incorporates a "Flume" antiroll stabiliser system. Even so, if you're susceptible to sea-sickness and the sea is not calm, you may benefit from taking anti-sea-sickness medication before setting sail. Passengers who are suffering are advised to move to the bottom of the boat, where there is also a dedicated area for sufferers. Owned and operated by the Steamship Company, the 68 meters long Scillonian III was purpose build in Devon, England, in 1977. A narrow draught was incorporated into the ship's design to allow it to sit on the sea floor at low tides - and to also enable travel along the shallow channels at the Isles. The tide at St. Mary's reaches nearly 6 meters.
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