Flambards Theme Park

Billy Beel
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Flambards Theme Park is well worth a visit if you're in west Cornwall with kids, and possibly also worth a visit if you are without kids. The theme parks combines two main concepts. Firstly, there's a "fun ride theme park" including 12 main rides. Investment in rides seems to be fairly consistent - with sizeable new rides added every year or 2. The latest additions are Jurassic Journey (2016) and Sky Force (2017). Secondly, there's a pretty decent indoor museum section covering a few concepts: Britain During The Blitz, a Victorian Britain and an aircraft museum. The aircraft museum was the original concept for Flambards - dating back to 1976 when the attraction was known as "Cornwall Aero Park". You can climb inside the cockpit of a plane, look at a lot of models and interact with multi-media exhibits. I enjoyed the life size streets and shops that have been recreated to illustrate life in Victorian Britain. It might be a difficult struggle to balance everyone's wishes on a visit - kids are more likely to be pulled toward the theme park section, whereas older generation visitors may prefer the museum (younger kids possibly following kicking and screaming). "Kid-friendly" food and drink are available in the cafe on-site, as well as ice creams in the park. Photo Credits: By Lewis Clarke, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69561625
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  • Clodgey Ln, Helston TR13, UK
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    Standard 22.00 GBP
    Kids 16.00 GBP Under 16
    Seniors 16.00 GBP
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    Culture 3
    Fun 4
    Education 5
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