Land's End - The Most Westerly Point in England

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3 months ago
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Land's End is the name of the most westerly point in mainland England - right at the most south westerly tip of Cornwall. It's a famous landmark and the end point for many-a "John O'Groats (Scotland) to Lands End" expeditions. The geography at Land's End consists of tall grassy granite cliffs over the often rough sea below. There's a pathway that allows visitors to safely walk along the cliff tops. A sign marks the distance to New York (3147 miles) and John O'Groats (874 miles). It can be very windy on the cliffs at Land's End, so come dressed appropriately. Look out to sea, and 1.25 miles away, you'll see the 12 metre high Longship's Lighthouse - completed in 1873. The original paraffin light was electrified in 1967, and the new electric light could be seen up to 19 miles away. The lighthouse was automated in 1988, and today it is therefore no longer manned. In the late 80s, a theme park and hotel complex (The First and Last Inn) was built at Land's End. There's a playground for children, a 4D Film and a few other attractions for children. Twice a week, there's a firework and classical music spectacular "Magic in the Skies". There are 2 shops: "Penwith House" - selling nautically themed gifts, and "First and Last House" - selling Cornish Ice Cream, refreshments and toys for kids. At Land's End you'll need to pay for parking - which is currently 6 pounds.
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