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Dan Hill
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Located in Malmöhus Slott (a castle built by the former Danish occupiers), and surrounded by a moat, Malmö Museer ("Malmö Museums") is southern Sweden's largest museum. The building itself is the oldest Renaissance period castle in the Nordics - and you can see original knights in armour and canons that originally protected the site. Historically a fortified site with good reason, the Danish occupiers originally minted their coins here - way back in the middle ages. Gruesome fact you may wish you didn't know: beheadings of prisoners were frequently carried out in the castle's courtyard as late as the 19th century. If you can stomach being in an execution site - then read on! Not only will you learn about prison conditions of days-gone-by - the exhibitions of this magnificent museum consist of 15 permanent exhibitions, plus a continuously rotating set of approximately 10 temporary exhibitions. The museum's areas of focus include history, nature, technology and shipping (a particular focus of the Nordics - going right back to the Viking times). Boasting over half a million objects in its collection, plus 4 million photos as well as a huge archive, the museum has something for everyone. At the time of writing, the permanent exhibitions include: "Welcome to Sweden", "Submarine U3", "The Planet of Ideas", "Muscles and engines", "Power over People", "At the King's order", "Nature exhibitions", "Vehicles of the future", "Smart!", "The castle's royal apartment", "Silhouettes", "Heaven and earth" and "Impressions - Linnaeus, science and the printed word". As if the museum itself was not enough, also housed within the museum complex is a pretty decent aquarium - where you can meet various cold blooded species, including fish, spiders and reptiles. Don't be surprised if this is not the highlight of your visit! For English-only speakers, some exhibits may be only presented in Swedish, so be prepared to reach out for Google Translate on your phone as needed. The café at the museum provides refreshments such as sandwiches, drinks and cakes. Photo Credit: Susanne Nilsson / CC BY-SA (
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  • Malmöhusvägen 6, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden
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