Gamla Staden (The Old Town), Malmö

Dan Hill
Article By: Dan Hill
a year ago
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The old town in Malmö, Sweden, is known as Gamla Staden, and if you're visiting Malmö then it's a must. The area encompasses several squares, including: Lilla Torget ("the little square") and Stortorget ("the big square") - with cobbled streets and houses with timber facades painted in Scandinavian tones. Lilla Torget dates back to 1590 - and its original use as a market square (overflow from the popular main square) remains to this day. When we visited in summer, we sat outside at lunchtime for coffee and a bite and watched the world go by. The streets were bustling with locals enjoying their weekend. The square is a real vibrant mix of small shops, living spaces and historical buildings. Its big brother - Stortorget - is the main town square - and dates back to 1540, putting it at 50 years older - and the oldest square in the town. If you're wondering who the gentleman on horseback is in the centre, he's King Karl X Gustav - famous for re-uniting the Swedish municipalities of Halland, Blekinge and Skåne following the conquest of the Danish occupiers. The square is surrounded by historical buildings with intricate architecture - such as Malmö City Hall - originally built in 1544, and Kocksa Huset - palace of Jörgen Kock - master of the mint. The peaceful St. Petri's Church (Kyrka) (free to enter), with its gothic style, is well worth a visit. Check out the murals on the inside - which as been expertly restored. If you're in the mood, you could also pay a visit to Gamla Kyrkogården (the old cemetery) - a small and tranquil park - landscaped with plenty of trees and benches. There are loads of cafes, restaurants and shops to explore along the 300m Södergarten Street. Take your time and enjoy exploring this relaxed but bustling pedestrianised street - which reaches Gustav Adolf's square (Torg) at the bridge going over the canal. Don't hesitate to dive into any of the side streets that take your fancy. Photo Credits: Luis Antonio Carrasc…Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Dan Hill
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