Kungsparken, Malmö

Dan Hill
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Kungsparken ("The king's garden") - was originally called "Kung Oscars Park" (Oscar being the king at the time) but as monarchs come and go, the name was quickly shortened to Kungsparken. King Oscar II of Sweden was himself at the opening ceremony of the park in 1872. Cutting through the park (located west of Malmö city hall), there are canals, with stone bridges allowing visitors to cross into the different segments of this 8.4 acre green area. The area is fairly wooded - and hosts 130 different species of trees - from 3 continents - considered an exotic luxury at the time of planting. The design of the park (made by the Danish landscape architect Ove Høegh Hansen) was based upon the popular English garden concept of the time - with a combination of lawns, trees, bushes and ponds. All great parks need a great fountain - and Kungsparken is no exception. At the centre lies an elegant fountain that was built 10 years after the park's opening - in 1882. The fountain is surrounded by flowers in the warmer months. Don't miss the cave, if you can find it. If you're struggling - head north of the fountain. Believe it or not, the cave was once the main attraction in the park. Slottsparken ("The Castle Park" - established in 1897) is another park that adjoins Kungsparken - to the south west. This is also a little confusing because Kungsparken itself was built on former land of the castle of Malmöhus - and for this reason some maps combine the two parks. If you head north in Kungsparken, you reach the Malmöhus slott (a 16th century castle - originally built by the Danes) - complete with a moat surrounding it - and the castle mill (Slottsmöllan) to the left. There is a small parking area in the south of the park - which serves Casino Cosmopol - Malmö's only casino - opened in 2001. The casino is housed in a building from 1881 - and which originally served as the Park restaurant. You'll find a grill and ice cream venue in the south east corner of the park, if you need refreshments. Photo Credits: Jonas Eriksson on Unsplash.com
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