Freetown Christiania

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With its own flag, Christiania, a borough of Christianshavn, consists of 19 acres of land covering city ramparts and former military barracks. A controversial area, due to an open cannabis trade, the area is home to around 1000 residents. With half a million annual visitors, Christiania is the 4th most popular tourist destination in Copenhagen to wander around. Here, you can find street vendors selling trinkets, cafes, bars and takeaways, and occasional street performances. The area has a hippy feel, and meditation and yoga are popular among residents. Street art and graffiti adorn many of the walls. There are signs indicating where photography is not permitted - take care to obey. Photo credits: Kristijan Arso, Annie Spratt, Victor Xok,
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  • Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark
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