Villingadalsfjall - Viðareiði - Viðoy - hike

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Villingadalsfjall is the third highest peak in the Faroe Islands and stands at 841m. It's a great mountain to burn off some excess energy - as it can be a very steep walk. On our ascent, which we did in the summer of 2018, the heavens opened and we had very strong winds and lashing rain during almost the entire climb. We were very grateful for good waterproofs and sturdy boots. Given the steepness of the climb, I was happy that I had brought some plasters to repair my blisters at the top - as my ankles were not used to this kind of wear. I only wished I had brought waterproof gloves with me to keep my hands warm. Given the low visibility, the blue plastic poles that had been laid out regularly along the trail, were extremely useful in ensuring that we remained on track. A tough climb given the conditions - and cold (even though it was July) - however we were fortunate that the skies cleared enough at the peak to allow us to grab a couple of shots of the unique view - spectacular geography that looks like a hollowed out mountain. The walk / climb down was tricky, especially on the wet, slippery rocks, so ensure you give yourself enough time for the descent.
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