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Vágar Airport is located on the island of Vágar and is the airport serving the Faroe Islands. Originally built by British Royal Engineers during the second world war, the runway's construction can best be appreciated when driving away from the airport. The flight inbound to the Faroes gives breathtaking views of the islands below. The planes fly in quite close to the hillsides. Planes landing at the airport are from either Atlantic Airways or Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Cancellations can occur if visibility is low, as happened when I tried to fly out to the Faroes from Copenhagen with SAS - and my flight was rescheduled for the following day. A note on car-hire: book well in advance. On our trip to the Faroe Islands in summer 2018, we had to shop around independent car hire specialists due to other cars being all rented out (this was a couple of weeks before our due arrival). In the end, we rented from a man who owned 3 cars who brought the car to the airport for us. Our car seemed at least 5 years old, very basic, but road-worthy and did the job. Tip: if you are flying into Vágar Airport for the start of your holiday to the Faroe Islands and think you may like some wine, beer or spirits during your trip, strongly consider visiting duty free at the airport. Alcoholic drinks are heavily taxed on the islands, and most visitors and locals that I saw arriving loaded up on their allowance before going through customs.
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