Bardini Gardens, Giardino Bardini

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If you are looking for a garden that’s relaxing, away-from-the-jam and allows the perfect meditative stroll, the Bardini Gardens are the place to go! The Bardini Gardens are located just 3 minutes away from the Boboli, they are just as beautiful but not nearly as famous. This means the Bardini Gardens are almost always virtually deserted as if they are widely loved by locals but not yet fully discovered by tourists. The Park is an example of refined and artistic landscaping, together with one of the greatest views of the Florence city center and the Arno River. The Bardini Garden’s vegetation perfectly frames the city skyline in such a way that you’ll think you just walked into an impressionist painting. I personally love the Bardini Gardens because they truly offer an opportunity for a relaxing and calming walk with a great view-point, without risking ending up in a big crowd of tourists. If you are visiting Florence in spring, then you won’t want to miss out on Bardini’s Wisteria Tunnel. The beautiful purple flower blooms around April/May and is a stunning view. The Gardens’ style takes from the typical Italian style, as well as the English and Chinese, blending the different inspirations and creating a fairy-tale-like atmosphere Photo by Paola F on Unsplash
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  • Giardino Bardini, Costa S. Giorgio, 2, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy
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