Florence, City Centre

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Florence's city centre is relatively small. It doesn’t matter where you are, most of the landmarks are within walking distance from each other. That said you may want to consider these two options for transportation while exploring the city: (1) A combination of walking and bus In the summer and Spring, you can easily get around the city only by walking. However, If you are traveling during winter-time or autumn, low temperatures could make walking everywhere unpleasant. For this reason, I recommend a combination of walking and using ATAF - the local bus line - and the “Tramvia" or tram. Make sure you purchase the ticket beforehand, since buying from the bus driver is significantly more expensive and not always an option. If you haven’t bought your ticket beforehand you can look for the automatic ticket dispenser and pay with a Visa card. However, If you don’t own a Visa card, there is still another option left: You can send a text message saying "ATAF '' to the number 4880105. You will then receive your ticket right away in the form of a text message. The bus ticket is valid for 90 minutes and can be used multiple times! (2) Bike around the city This option is suitable for anyone who enjoys riding a bike or wants to avoid potentially crowded buses. Especially in the summer and spring, when the Italian weather is generally good and rain-free, I highly recommend this choice. Bicycling makes every distance significantly shorter and allows you to enjoy the view as well as the breeze on your face. There are several options for renting a bike in Florence but my personal favorite is the Mobike. Mobike’s e-bikes are everywhere in the city center and just one click away to be rented by you, without the hassle of going to a renter's place. Just download the app Movi by Mobike, check on the map the nearest bike and unlock using the QRcode. As soon as you're done using it you can just leave it in one of the numerous checkpoints that can be found all around the city center. Enjoy!
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