Ponte Vecchio

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Ponte Vecchio (literally “Old Bridge” in Italian), is the oldest bridge in Florence and the first to cross the Arno river connecting the two parts of the city. Ponte Vecchio survived all kinds of disastrous events since its creation and is the only bridge that was miraculously not affected by the German bombing in 1944. Today, the bridge hosts among the most refined goldsmiths and jewellery in Florence. Yet, originally the bridge resembled a more common marketplace and included butchers and greengrocer shops. The butchers were forced to move their shops from the city center to the bridge to protect the streets of the city from the smell. However, when the Vasari Corridor was built in 1565, the butchers and farmers were expelled by the local government and substituted with more elegant and exclusive shops. Tip to take the best picture in front of Ponte Vecchio: Walking down the Ponte Vecchio is an absolute must, however, when it comes to picture taking, for a better view of the bridge it is better to go to St Trinity Bridge or Ponte Santa Trinità, around 500 meters down the road from Ponte Vecchio. Where to dine with a view of the Arno river: 1. Panorama Restaurant - La Scaletta: Via de'Guicciardini, 13 ( Hotel La Scaletta), 50125 Firenze Prezzo. Estimated average price per person 35 €. 2. Alla Torre de Rossi: Borgo San Jacopo, 3, 50125 Firenze. Estimated average price per person 35 € 3. Borgo San Jacopo: Borgo San Jacopo 62/r, 50125 Firenze. Estimated average price per person 140€. MICHELIN Special 150 €. Photo by Ali Nuredini on Unsplash
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