The Boboli Gardens

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The Boboli Gardens are a must-see when visiting Florence. With its 45 thousand square meters, the Gardens are one of the largest and most beautiful gardens in Italy. So much so that in 2013 the Park was officially recognized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will have to walk, but it will be totally worth it. The gardens offer everything you may think of, and much more! Take your time exploring every path. You can use the map that will be provided at the entrance, or you can just relax, enjoying the most scenic and romantic stroll of your life. What makes the Gardens so unique, is the fact that it doesn't matter where you go, you could find a beautiful secluded garden, a secret pond, or an ancient statue hidden behind the bushes. The park is so large and rich in art, it is virtually impossible to see everything. So, here is a Top 3 of what to see in the Boboli Gardens: (1) The Buontalenti Grotto (or Grotta del Buontalenti): The indescribable beauty and fairy-tale atmosphere of the Grotto will amaze any visitor. In fact, the Grotto is one of the greatest examples of the Italian “fantasy caves”, a form of modernist architecture that, during the Renaissance, found incredible popularity among the richest families in Tuscany. With its brilliant mix of art, architecture, and geological formations, the fantasy cave is characterized by a bizarre and magical ambiance that you will never forget. It is composed of 3 rooms, each of which has been entirely sculpted, creating the illusion of human and natural figures emerging from the rock ceilings and walls. (2) The Boboli Amphitheater and the Egyptian Obelisk: In front of the Amphitheater, one of the main buildings and most interesting pieces of architecture that can be found in the gardens, you will be surprised to see an actual Egyptian obelisk! The Obelisk is an original, brought in Italy from Egypt during the first century AD, and is believed that its creation dates back to the reign of Ramsses II. (3) The Kaffeehaus of the Boboli Gardens: The Kaffehaus definitely represents one of the most curious buildings in Florence. Its style is a peculiar late-rococo and its green/blue colors are carefully picked to blend harmoniously with the Gardens. With its peculiar circular shape and onion-shaped Belvedere dome, the Kaffehaus offers a 360 view of the city, as well as a great excuse for a well-deserved break. A piece of advice: to have the best possible experience, you may want to wear comfortable shoes when visiting the park. The Gardens are built over an actual hill and some of its main attractions are on the very top; Not properly a hike, but definitely a memorable walk! Photo by Juli Kosolapova on Unsplash
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  • The Boboli Gardens, Piazza de' Pitti, 1, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy
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