Viking Fortress of Trelleborg

Dan Hill
Article By: Dan Hill
a year ago
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To date, 7 viking ring fortresses have been discovered, and the fortress at Trelleborg in the west of Sjælland in Denmark is considered the best example due to its preservation. The fortress was ordered to be built by King Harald Bluetooth, around 980 AD. The inland location of this fortress seems a little odd today, but that is because of what is known as "post-glacial-rebound" - where the once swampy ground has now receded. The fortress was connected in its day to the Great Belt sea via a river, which would have supported the viking's shops. It is therefore considered possible that at least part of the role of this fortress could have been to control the Great Belt. The circular fortress of 137m diameter has 2 roads crossing through it, and meeting at the centre. Each quarter of the circle had 4 long-houses in it. In 1948, a long-house was reconstructed at the site, and still stands today. The outer walls of the fortress were constructed from 2 layers of oak beams - with stones dropped between them. Arrow heads that were found embedded in the gate and walls indicate that there was at least one battle here - and a mass burial site uncovered lends weight to this theory. Admission to the fortress is free - except during the Viking Festival, in July. Trelleborg Museum was built at the site to tell the story of the fortress - and it also houses many of the artefacts that archaeologists have uncovered at the site. The museum is open from March to October. There is an admission fee for the museum. Photo Credits: Image by Knud Erik Vinding from Pixabay By Thue C. Leibrandt - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
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  • Trelleborg Alle 4, 4200 Slagelse, Denmark
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