The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

Dan Hill
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a year ago
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In Skuldelev harbour next to Roskilde, in Denmark, 5 wrecked viking ships were discovered in 1962. Archaeologists determined that they had been deliberately sunk by filling them with rocks - in order to block the Roskilde Fjord for defence and control purposes. The design of the ships that were discovered has given archaeologists detailed insight into the seas that the boats were designed to sail on, their function, and sailing capabilities. From the wooden construction, the tools that were used to build the ships has been deduced, as well as the type of wood and even the specific parts of the tree was used for each element of the boat. The 5 boats - originally built between 1030 and 1040 - have been reconstructed with the best information available, and are now housed in the Viking Ship Hall - constructed specifically to house the boats in 1969. Since then, the museum has expanded considerably, and now includes a boat-yard where new viking ships are built using traditional methods. They are then put to sea (including for trips for museum guests) and can be seen floating in the Museum Harbour. In 2004, one of the boats was even sailed 1,000 miles from Roskilde to Dublin, in Ireland. Around the grounds of the museum, you can see wood that has been specifically selected for new boat construction, and you can see skilled craftsmen using traditional tools to construct boats, and even ropes from the day. The museum includes multi-media experiences, and the opportunity for guests to dress in traditional viking clothing. While there, do check out Cafe Knarr - which has superb food. Photo credits: Image by zealot666 from Pixabay
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