Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge is arguably London's definitive landmark. Arching over the River Thames, it connects the north with the south. On the north side, the Tower of London looks on. There are 5 areas to explore within the bridge: 1. The North Tower - which highlights the architects, thinkers, engineers & technicians who built the bridge. 2. The Walkways - with panoramic views and a glass floor 42 meters up. 3. The South Tower 4. The Blue Line 5. The Engine Rooms - where you'll find the original steam engines which powered the bridge If you buy tickets on the website (see link on this page), you can get discounted prices. Photo credits: Raul Varzar, Charles Postiaux, Jean Carlo Emer,
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  • Tower Bridge, Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 2UP, UK
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    Standard 10.60 GBP
    Kids 5.30 GBP Under 18
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    Culture 4
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    Education 4
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