Houses of Paliament

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Covering an area of some 112,476 square metres, The Palace of Westminster houses the two Houses of Parliament to the UK: The House of Commons (lower house) and The House of Lords (upper house). The "Houses of Parliament" is the informal name for The Palace of Westminster. The Palace, along with Westminster Abbey and the borough of Westminster, has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. A free 75 minute tour is available - but only to UK residents - who must book the tour through their local Member of Parliament, or Member of House of Lords. Paid for tours are available to anyone - but only on Saturdays, or during the summer recess of the parliament. Located along the River Thames in central London, the Palace of Westminster got its original name from Westminster Abbey, which lies next-door. There are 3 towers that accompany the palace, the most famous of which is Elizabeth tower - which houses the bell known as Big Ben. This iconic clock tower is famous around the world as a symbol of London. The palace as 1,100 rooms, nearly 5 km of passageways and 100 staircases. Tours and tickets may be purchased from the official website - see the link on this page. Photo Credits: Marcin Nowak, Adi Ulici, Heidi Fin,
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