Fort Fredrick

Hiruni Perera
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Fort Fredrick also is known as Trincomalee Fort or Fort of Triquillimale, is a fort built by the Portuguese at Trincomalee. It was built on Swami Rock-Konamamalai from the debris of the world-famous ancient Hindu Koneswaram temple (Temple of a Thousand Pillars). Under Phillip III, the invader of the Jaffna kingdom and Malabar region on the island, the Portuguese colonial Constantino de Sá de Noronha destroyed the temple. On the Konamalai cape, a new village of Portuguese and Tamil inhabitants, 50 Portuguese troops, and a church dedicated to "Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe" was established. In 1665, the Dutch demolished the Fort of Triquillimale and rebuilt it as Fort Fredrick. Finally, the British took over the fort in 1782. This whole area is now inhabitant by a large number of deer, peacocks, parrots, and other wild animals. Importantly the deers are very friendly and quite used to humans as well, so you can easily snap some great pictures of the wildlife at the location. Fort Fredrick is more of a very calm visit, cultural mainly so it would be a great place to visit if you are not looking for too much adventure. On the inside of the fort, there is a lot of shade and some cafes for you to have a nice cup of tea and an evening leisurely walk. Picture By AntanO - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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