Tiwi Beach

Loice Ayub
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Camping on Tiwi Beach – carry your camping gear and get a cab/tuk-tuk over to Tiwi Beach. The sound of the waves lapping against the beach, and the wind in the palm trees in the night lulls you to a nice slumber. In the morning you can take a short walk along the beach and have a swim in the “Map of Africa” pool, which is a pool that is formed in the shape of Africa, jump off the nearby cliffs into the ocean, and overall have a great time. Keep in mind, as it is actual camping, you will have to carry food provisions and cooking equipment and be prepared to share the bathroom facilities (which are separate for males and females) with other campers. It is a great place to camp out with a group of friends. There is a restaurant close by should you prefer not to cook your own food, and the management also offers camping gear for rent should you need them. Also, as you are camping right next to the water, you have the option of buying fresh seafood from the fishermen. The price will vary depending on how good the day's catch was and your haggling skills, but, should not be too expensive. An example, the price of prawns ranges from USD $5 to USD $10 for a kilo. Photo by Fabe collage on Unsplash; Photo by Katsu Utaharu on Unsplash
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  • Tiwi Beach, Tiwi, Kenya
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    Prices for Tiwi Beach
    Category Price Restrictions
    Standard 4.00 - 8.00 USD Plus fee
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    Physical 5
    Culture 3
    Fun 5
    Education 2
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    Family friendly

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