Shimba Green Lodge

Loice Ayub
Article By: Loice Ayub
3 years ago
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This is located within Kwale County and offers a gorgeous infinity pool where you can get a magnificent view of the wildlife. They offer food and refreshments and you can eat here or should you want to experience the local culture, you can visit one of the local restaurants scattered around. You can ask the guide for a recommendation as there are quite a number of local restaurants, too many to mention here. Image by JC_V from Pixabay
  • Details

  • Shimba Hills National Reserve, Kasemeni sinango rd Shimba Hills National Reserve, Kenya
  • Entry+Drink
    Prices for Shimba Green Lodge
    Category Price Restrictions
    Standard 5.00 - 15.00 USD
    Kids 0.00 USD Under 3
  • Sliders
    Physical 4
    Culture 2
    Fun 3
    Education 1
  • Tags
    Family friendly

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