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A fortified castle with many underground passages, sweeping grounds, and the remains of a medieval basilica. The fort is built on a rocky outcrop above the Vltava river with the gardens facing out onto the water. Considering the delicate architecture, it’s remarkable such an old building has made it through the ages unscathed. The foundations are estimated to have been laid in the 10th century with features added over the years. The fort is often referred to as “Prague’s second castle” or “Upper Castle”. According to legend, Libuse (daughter of the Czech ruler Krok) proclaimed the future glory of Prague on this exact spot many years ago! Despite its beauty, Vyšehrad still has a relatively low footfall from tourists. The main feature is the Church of St. Paul and St. Peter, with the characteristic black spires being visible from all over the city. Top Tip: Few people consider visiting Vyšehrad for its views of the city, but from its position on a rocky hilltop, the views upriver are sensational. See Prague from above and admire the colourful rooftops and winding streets lining the city below. Picture Credits: Lukas Marek on Unsplash
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  • Vyšehrad, V Pevnosti 159/5b, 128 00 Praha 2-Vyšehrad, Czechia
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