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Home to the first Shogun of the Edo period, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Nijo Castle is a central part of Kyoto’s history. Completed and further developed by his son, the castle remained until the fall of Edo in 1867 when it became an imperial palace. Shortly after, the palace was donated to the people and has been open to visitors ever since - with preserved buildings, moats and impressive gardens. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the remaining grounds are considered some of the best examples of feudal design left standing in Japan. Having crossed the wide moat, visitors can explore three areas - the main circle (Honmaru), the inner circle (Ninomaru) and the gardens. One of the highlights is the Ninomaru Palace which has survived in its original form. The famous Nightingale floors altered soldiers to intruders while elegant screens and painted ceilings can be admired if you decide to enter (at an additional cost). The Ninomaru Garden is a traditional landscape garden and the wider grounds are well known for their cherry blossom in spring. The Honmaru grounds are not usually open to the public, but are home to a transported residence known as the Honmaru Palace. Visitors can, however, climb the former castle keep to view the grounds almost in their entirety. There are audio-tours available to rent and in-person tours are available twice a day (you can reserve a space online). Hours: Oct - Jun: 8.45am - 5pm Jul - Aug: 8am - 6pm Sept: 8am - 5pm The Ninomaru is closed on Tuesdays in Jan, Jul, Aug and Dec. [Images: 1. qtyqy2250/Pixabay, 2. Conchin Ortiz/Pixabay, 3. Meng Yu/Pixabay]
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  • Nijojocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8301, Japan
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    Standard 620.00 JPY Plus fee
    Group 520.00 JPY
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