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Bright lights, retro arcades and anime stores fill the streets of the electronic hub that is the Akihabara district. A long-found favourite of gaming, anime and manga lovers, Akiba has the OTT style Tokyo is famous for and it has it in buckets. Although it caters to a niche group, in theory, there is so much to see and try, it’s got something to tempt even the most skeptical people in for an afternoon of fun. Starting with retro arcades, there are plenty to try, including the Sega, Hirose Entertainment Yard (HEY) and Taito - all of which have a huge range of games. Along with the well-known dancing and drumming kind you can try some familiar Mario-Kart racers and more physical options too. If Mario Kart caught your attention, you can try a real-life version (assuming you have a valid Japanese or International driving license) on the streets of Tokyo, starting in Akiba. Food-wise, you can combine lunch with a Gundam experience or try out one of the Maid Cafes if you like service with a smile (and then some). There are traditional ‘cute Maid Cafes like Maidreamin, as well as Victorian themed alternatives like Cure, while Home Cafe has English-speaking service. For shopping hit up Animate for all your official needs and Tora no Ana for magazines and comics. Lashinbang is a large second-hand option for more affordable comics while Mandrake has a great selection of up to date ones. Nearby, the Tokyo Anime Center hosts events and displays of new releases as well as being home to the Akiba3d Theater. Looking its best at night, the area will fulfill your neon dreams of Tokyo, so grab dinner at an izakaya or themed cafe and wait for the sun to set.
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  • 1 Chome Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan
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