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Tokyo’s oldest and best-known temple, Sensoji is a breathtaking complex close to the Sumida River. Known for the giant red chochin lantern which hangs from the Kaminarimon Gate, the temple greets millions of visitors each year. Legend has it that two brothers fishing in the river caught a small golden statue of the Buddhist deity Kannon in their nets and returned to the shore with it. Upon recognising its significance, a devout senior declared a temple was required to house it, and so Senso-ji was built. Drawing visitors from across the country, the temple soon became popular and was developed over centuries into the impressive collection of halls and pagodas that it forms today. Behind the impressive wooden gate runs Nakamise-dori, a shopping street with stores dating back over a hundred years. Along with souvenirs and crafts, there are street-foods and snacks to try as you make your way towards the temple itself. Towards the Hozomon - the main gate of the temple, with the impressive Pagoda appearing to the left. Stepping through, visitors are greeted with a view of the main hall, known as the Hondo, which is said to house the original statue. There are fortunes to be read, shrine book calligraphy to collect and various small paths to follow as you explore the temple grounds. Spot the shrine dedicated to the fisherman and their elder, a small garden with Tokyo’s oldest bridge and the Bentendo - housing a large Edo-era bell. The temple is close to Asakusa Station and the surrounding area is great to explore, with small stores, cafes and restaurants galore. Entry Fees: The temple is free to explore. Opening Hours: The grounds are always open, but the main hall is open from 6am - 5pm (6.30 am from Oct - Mar)
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  • 2-chōme-3-1 Asakusa, Taito City, Tōkyō-to 111-0032, Japan
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