Belem Tower

Sofia Abrantes
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a year ago
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This beautiful fort is located on a small "beach" off the coast of the Tejo River, and is now a very famous tourist location. The queues to go inside can get quite long, so it is smart to come visit the monument earlier in the day. Many years ago, this fort was used to protect the "entrance" of Lisbon through the river. It's construction dates back to 1514. Inside, you will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the river as well as explore this ancient historical monument. Guides are available for information and tours. A short 5 minute walk away from the tower you will also find a beautiful triangular monument dedicated to the "brave souls" that ventured out on ships to explore in the 16th century, called "Monument to the Overseas Combatants". Right in front of the tower is a beautiful garden, which in the busier months is bustling with people and small food trucks, offering fresh juices, traditional pastries, and small bites. This can be a great place to grab something to eat if you have not yet had breakfast. Photo Credits: Dan Hill
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  • Av. Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal
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