Bonanza La Ponderosa

Sara Giron
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3 years ago
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Bonanza La Ponderosa is a restaurant near the entrance to the ruins of Iximché. It is a restaurant that not only offers a wide range of dishes but also offers a variety of outdoor activities for the whole family or for a person looking for some fresh air and ample space to relax. In the garden area they have a giant chess game, which is free of charge and available to all visitors. It is very entertaining to play a game of chess on a larger scale. They also have paid activities for a small fee, which of course will make your visit more entertaining and extraordinary. Among the paid activities is the mechanical bull, where you will test your skills as a rider and the higher your resistance, the more difficult the level of movement of the game will be. It is so entertaining and even the same people who visit the place get a great show with each person who takes the courage to ride it. They have a cabin area that is relatively new, these cabins have conditioned beds to have a pleasant night, they have a fireplace to keep the place warm and when you rent one of the cabins you have access to the trails and additional activities. One of the most beautiful attractions of the place is an artificial lagoon in which they have pedal boats, with which you can go for a ride on the lagoon and relax with the sound of the water against the pedals of the boat you are driving. They also make sure to provide you with a safety belt and special protection to make the boat ride great. The food, as in all the restaurants along the route, offers traditional food of the area as well as sandwiches, steak, seafood and various dishes to enjoy. A special food of the area is the smoked pork, they offer smoked pork sausages and sausages that have a different touch to what we usually eat. Traditional Guatemalan food can generally be a bit spicy, so if you have any kind of food restrictions, you can feel free to inform the waiter about the conditions you need with your food and they will promptly see what options they can offer you. Our gastronomy is very varied, and you will surely find something delicious to try and take away the taste of our traditional food. The entrance to this place is by dirt roads in good condition, so there is no inconvenience of the time of the year in which you visit. However, we recommend that for this visit you bring comfortable shoes and clothes and even a second set of clothes in case it is necessary. Just in front of the artificial lagoon there is a chapel where you can even go and pray or just have a relaxing time with the sound of the wind among the trees and the birds singing in the nature. All this tour will undoubtedly renew your strength and allow you to return to your daily life with a new charge of energy and good vibes.
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  • Km 88 carretera Interamericana Tecpán Chimaltenango, 04006, Guatemala
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    Standard 50.00 - 150.00 USD Plus fee
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    Family friendly
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Sara Giron
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Sara Giron
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Sara Giron
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