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Pueblo Real is located in the department of Chimaltenango and is part of a chain of restaurants founded in Guatemala. Pueblo Real is a place in the middle of nature with a wide variety of activities, experiences and food dishes that will not only delight your adventurous spirit but also your cravings for delicious traditional food. In Pueblo Real you can find vegetables grown in the region, from which they prepare the food served in the Hacienda Real restaurant and you can buy take-out if you want to prepare fresh food at home. You can also enjoy horseback riding, ecological trails, games for children, soccer field, a small farm with domestic animals and a cheese tour in alliance with Finca Pasajinak, where they will show you the steps for the elaboration of cheese, which you can then enjoy. The moment you arrive at this place you will realize that there is a great variety of activities and stores that you can visit and from which you will undoubtedly take a wonderful souvenir. Inside the place there are stores where they sell a wide variety of handmade paintings made with the creativity of Guatemalan artists which you can find from very small sizes to sizes suitable to place in a large living room. There are also certain stands where you can get fresh fruit from the region. In the Tecpan region, the peach and strawberry fruit is very famous and without a doubt these are two of the fruits that you will find at every stop you make on your way to and from Tecpan. At the back of the place is the Hacienda Real restaurant which was established in Guatemala and all its workforce are local people, who will serve you with all the warmth and affection of the people of the area. You can taste from traditional dishes of our country as a good piece of grilled meat of the best cuts and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of hot coffee with your family or friends. In the vegetable harvesting area they also have a greenhouse where you can find a great variety of ornamental plants that decorate every area of the restaurant. In the garden you can find various vegetables such as carrots, cilantro, parsley, sweet potato, cabbage, lettuce and many other things that when harvested, the experience is even more magical. When you arrive you receive a list of all the vegetables they have and the prices of each one and you can choose what you want to take, either they harvest them and prepare them to take away or you can go directly to the land and harvest the vegetable you want to take. If you visit the place on a weekend as we propose in this itinerary, you will surely find additional activities and even live marimba music at the entrance of the restaurant. All this creates such a unique and special atmosphere and welcomes you to the customs and traditions of Guatemala, to such an extent that you will feel part of the place. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes for this visit because you will have the opportunity to visit many areas and walk through an extensive trail. Picture by DEZALB in Pixabay
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  • P2PP+35F Tecpán Guatemala, Guatemala
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Sara Giron
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Sara Giron
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Sara Giron
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