Little Italy, Manhattan

Dan Hill
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a year ago
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Many of the world's cities have an enclave dubbed "Little Italy" - and the Lower Manhattan are of New York City is no exception. Bordering Chinatown on its south side and SoHo on its west, this 3 block district on Mulberry Street was once known for its large Italian population. Today, Little Italy is no longer dominated by people of Italian descent, but retains its moniker due to its strip of 50+ Italian themed restaurants and cafés - catering to Manhattan's tourists. Only 1,200 residents claimed to be of Italian origin in the 2000 census. If you hear an Italian voice in Little Italy today, it is most likely an Italian tourist. Still, the tourists flock in the hope of gaining a feel of the 19th century influx of European immigrants. I stopped in Little Italy on my last trip to New York at an Italian restaurant for lunch - and the food was fantastic. Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay
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