Lindholm Høje - Museum and Viking Burial Site

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With a view of the city of Aalborg in Denmark, Lindholm Høje (Lindholm hill from old Norse) are several burial sites - dating back to the vikings and iron age settlements. Due to some fortunate circumstances, around 1,000 years ago, sand blew over and covered the site - leaving it perfectly preserved for modern day archaeologists. 682 graves have been found at the site, together with 150 stone ships. The lower (southern) part of the site has been dated to the viking times - around 1000-1050 AD, whereas the northern part has been dated to the iron age, or 5th century. The size of each stone ship is thought to indicate the importance of the person buried there. The graves of females were marked with a circle on the stone. Village remains have also been found at the site - which was thought to be an important crossing point over Limfjord. Glassware, arab coins and gems have been found at the site - indicating that the site was an important point for trade. In the museum, there's an exhibition about the lives of the Vikings who lived here, as well as an exhibition about life around Limfjorden. Photo Credits: By Mpravink1993 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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  • Vendilavej 11, 9400 Nørresundby, Denmark
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