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Located along the popular Golden Circle, Gullfoss (Icelandic for Golden Falls) - is a truly spectacular 2-step waterfall set in a magnificent canyon cut along the Hvítá river. It's nearly impossible to describe the sight of the energy in this water, and the roaring, thunderous sounds of the enormous volumes of water plunging unstoppably into the gorge below. 141 cubic metres of water falls across these falls every second of every day. Falling a staggering 32 metres in total, the water first plunges 11 metres at its first drop, followed by an additional 21 metres at the second step. Once touted as a potential source of hydro energy by its owners during the first half of the 20th century, today the site is preserved for everyone, and is owned by the state of Iceland. These awe-inspiring falls provide a stunning photo opportunity - and it's well worth the short walk from the car park to the viewing platform. The path to the falls is very well maintained, with newly maintained steps taking visitors down the hillside. The steps are wide, but a little steep in places - so allow for extra time if you have small kids (and hold on to them very tightly near the falls themselves!).
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