Strokkur - Geysers & Hot Springs

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Strokkur - located in the Haukadalur valley in Iceland - is a fountain-like geyser that erupts dramatically every 5-10 minutes. It is one of the most popular stops on the Golden Circle tourist route in Iceland - so expect to meet plenty of other tourists here - both drivers and coach travellers. There's ample parking at the tourist information centre - which also houses a large shop selling gifts and quality hiking clothing, toilet facilities and a restaurant. Crossing over the road from the parking, what first catches your attention is the steam coming from little pools and streams along the hillside. Some of the pools are colourful - and the water is extremely clear. The path is roped to indicate to visitors that they should keep to the path. There are signs indicating that the water in the pools and in the streams can reach 80-100 degrees celsius - which would cause sever burns. Keep children on hand as it would be very easy for little ones to run under the guide rope. The nearest hospital is a significant distance away. After a relatively short walk along, the Strokkur geyser comes into view and rewards visitors with a spectacular sight - regular 15-20 metre eruptions of water and steam, which can apparently sometimes reach up to 40 metres high. If you're looking to capture a 'person-free' photo of the eruptions, you may be disappointed. The shear number of visitors (we visited in May 2019) to the geyser, mean that there are people stretched all the way around ropes around the geyser. After you've taken in the incredible geyser experience, and finished gazing into the crystal clear waters of the little caverns in the ground surrounding it, head onto the path that continues up the hillside. The climb is worth it - and rewards hikers with an alternative view of the geyser, looking down the hillside.
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