Clamming in Cook Inlet

Kerri Somers
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One of the many wholesome experiences of a resident Alaskan is hunting for your own food, such as fishing for fresh salmon and halibut. One such place to find your delicious dinner for a night is Cook Inlet. Positioned on the shoreline just between Homer and Anchorage is the Clam Gulch Recreation Area where clamming is available and legal to non-residents year round (though you do need a basic sportfishing license), the best time of year being the summer months. The famous razor clams of the Last Frontier can be dug up here during low tide with just a shovel and brought back home for a delicious and genuine Alaskan dinner. The best ending to your clamming trip is bringing your foraged clams back to your stay to cook up with some herb butter for a fresh-caught dinner. Be sure that you check up-to-date fishery registry information before your clamming trip to ensure legal and sustainable clamming at Address: 17467 Clam Gulch Rd, Clam Gulch, AK 99568 Photos courtesy of
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