Colobus Conservation

Loice Ayub
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Colobus conservation; Established in 1997 as a non-profit, the conservation was created for the protection, preservation, and conservation of the Colobus monkey and its habitat as the Colobus monkey is currently an endangered species. The organization is run with funds from donations, so should you feel like, you may contribute to the conservation of the monkeys. You can buy souvenirs from the shop that is on location. They do not open on Sunday but are open Monday through Saturday so if you desire to visit, you can work your schedule around this. You will not regret it as the monkeys are really quite adorable and cheeky. ENTRANCE FEES: Citizens: USD $2.50 Citizen Children age 7 - 11 years: USD $1.00 Residents: USD $5.00 Resident Children 7 - 11 years: USD $2.00 Non-citizens: USD $7.50 Non-citizens Children age 7 - 11 years: USD $2.50 Children under 6 years: free entry Children above 12 years: Pay as adults image from Colobus Conservation, Diani
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