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Duration: About 7 hours
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Culture-Art Gallery Culture-Castle Culture-Cathedral Culture-Church Culture-Historical Building Culture-Museum Culture-Palace Culture-Statue Exhibition-Architecture Exhibition-Artwork Exhibition-History Virus-Social distance friendly
The Little Mermaid(s) - Langelinie Allé 17, 2100 København, Denmark

Beat the crowds and start early in the north of the city. Check out the classic Little Mermaid statue and her genetically modified sister, before heading into the city centre via the Royal Palace and the Marble Church. Enjoy a lunch of Danish classics at the cafe of the Design Museum, before discovering everything there is to know about the history of legendary Danish design.

Duration: 2 days
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Culture-Art Gallery Culture-Castle Culture-Cathedral Culture-Church Culture-Historical Building Culture-Museum Culture-Palace Culture-Statue Diverse-Market Diverse-Shopping Entertainment-Theme Park Exhibition-Architecture Exhibition-Artwork Exhibition-History Nature-Lake Nature-Ocean Nature-Park Nature-View point Eat & Drink-Bar Eat & Drink-Cafe Eat & Drink-Cocktail Bar Eat & Drink-Micro Brewery Eat & Drink-Restaurant Settlement-Community Virus-Social distance friendly
Ruby - Nybrogade 10, 1203 København, Denmark

Coming to Copenhagen for the weekend? Here's a packed itinerary which is guaranteed to entertain - and will give you a great introduction to this wonderful city. This itinerary is best suited between Easter and September - due to the inclusion of some outdoor attractions (such as Reffen, and Tivoli) - but feel free to use as inspiration. Tivoli is also open at Christmas and Halloween. I make the assumption that you're flying in on Friday evening and leaving on Sunday evening - so adapt as needed. Enjoy this relaxed, safe, happy city! Photo credits: Nyhavn - Chris Lawton,

Duration: About 5 hours
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Geo-Waypoint Nature-Beach Nature-Forest Nature-Hill Nature-View point Settlement-Hamlet Settlement-Town Settlement-Village Transport-Car park Transport-Ferry port Transport-Harbour
Færgelundens Skov - Færgelunden, 3630 Jægerspris, Denmark

Around the northern half of Roskilde Fjord in Denmark, this scenic circular cycle route requires a restful but short ferry ride over the strait at its northern tip. The route goes around the fjord, and back south to Frederikssund - and then you need to cycle back over the bridge to reach your starting point again. On the western half of the route - before you get to the ferry - you'll be cycling through mixed woodlands. The route is not suitable for racing bikes with thin tyres - but hybrid bikes should be fine in fair weather. You'll also be cycling through military land (it's well signed, and permitted) - so stick to the track. There's an ice cream shop and cafe at the southern ferry stop, if you need refreshments. Most (if not all) of the way you'll be following cycle route 40 "Fjordstien" - which is marked with blue signs. I deviated off a few times - but picked up the trail again - and my route here reflects that. I stopped for about an hour at Frederiksværk for lunch - and to get lost looking to pick Cycle Route 40 up again - so take that into account when looking at the times. I have done this route twice. If you're of average fitness, you'll be pretty tired at the end of this route - so bring snacks and plenty of water. It's a really rewarding ride through lush greenery in the spring and summer time.

Places to explore

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Culture-Historical Building Culture-Stately Home Diverse-Excursion Diverse-Nature Exercise-Cycling Exercise-Horse Riding Exhibition-History Nature-Forest Nature-Hill Nature-Lake Nature-Park Virus-Social distance friendly
Jægersborg Dyrehave, Dyrehaven, 2930 Klampenborg, Denmark

SUMMARY: 15 minutes outside central Copenhagen is a stunning 1000 acre deer park. This hidden gem contains beautiful walking paths through a dense oak forest, a multitude of lakes, and sweeping fields filled with 2000 wild deer. Choose to walk, cycle, or even ride around the park in a horse and carriage. This is a perfect spot for nature photographers to get up close to herds of roaming deer or to do some birdwatching. And keep an eye out for rutting stags, although you are likely to hear them before you see them! The main paths are mostly gravel with some of the smaller routes muddy after rain. So appropriate footwear is recommended in poor weather. This is an excellent spot to visit all year round. During the summer and spring, you can enjoy picnics in the sunshine. Then in autumn experience the changing of the leaves on the oak trees, and in winter go for a bracing stroll on a frosty morning. DON'T MISS: The Hermitage Hunting Lodge at the centre of the park. This should be the main highlight of every visit to Dyrehave. The magnificent building dates back to the 18th century. As it was used by the Danish royal family to host hunting parties and luxurious banquets. The lodge is positioned on top of a hill with a view of the surrounding fields. On a clear day, you might catch a glimpse of the Swedish coastline across the water! HOW TO GET THERE: You need to get to Klampenborg train station then follow the signs to the entrance of the park. When you exit the train walk forwards, past some public toilets (make sure to use these before starting a long walk!). After, take a left over a bridge and up ahead you will see a red gate signalling the entrance. Catch the number 029 train from Copenhagen Central Station (20 minutes) or the same train from Nørreport (15 minutes).

Events to experience

Thu, Jul 2, 2020 10:00
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Andelslandsbyen Nyvang - Nyvangs Allé 4, Holbæk, 4300, Denmark
Starts: Thu, May 28, 2020 19:00
Ends: Thu, Jun 25, 2020
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Apa afspændingspædagogernes aftenskole - Borgervænget 7 A, København Ø, 2100, Denmark

Til dig der har brug for undervisning, hvor der bliver taget særlige hensyn til individuelle behov Et kursus for dig, der har problemer med ryg, nakke eller skuldre og har brug forekstra opmærksomhed og vejledning om træning af kroppen. Vi varmer hele kroppen op og laver derefter afvekslende øvelser, der styrker, afspænder og øger din fornemmelse af kroppen og dens indre stabilitet. Du lærer om en afbalanceret holdning og hensigtsmæssige arbejds- og hvilestillinger.Vi slutter af med dybdeafspænding. En undervisningsgang kan se sådan ud: rolig opvarmning af kroppens led bevægelse til musik, hvor vi får gang i blodcirkulationen og får bevæget og styrket skuldre, arme og ryg og brugt benene stående og liggende styrketræning for især arme, skuldre,ryg ogmave afspændende øvelser for nakke,skuldre, arme, ryg og balderi både stående, siddende og liggende stillinger dybdeafspændende øvelser med diverse redskaber stående ogliggende på madras dybdeafspænding, hvor du ligger stille og bliver guidet Der er max 8 deltagere på holdet, da det er et hold med specielt hensyntagende undervisning (HS), hvor deltagerne er handicappede i forhold til undervisningsemnet. Der gives forhøjet tilskud til personer, der er handicappede i forhold til undervisningsemnet og deltager på et HS- hold. For at være berettiget til forhøjet tilskud skal alle deltagere på denne type hold underskrive en tro- og loveerklæring ved holdstart. At være handicappet i forhold til undervisningsemnet betyder, at: undervisningen er målrettet til en særlig gruppe, der på grund af særlige omstændigheder ikke kan deltage på et almindeligt hold der kan være gener eller sygdomme, hvor det er nødvendigt, at underviseren tager særligt hensyn til deltagerne. Hold 30805

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